KC: “Her Story…”

We jump over to Abdullah who is in Jordan now. He meets a neighbor (who shall remain nameless) who tells him that the Other Light tried to rape a zombie Christian woman

They believe that if they can somehow impregnate women with glorified bodies, they can create a super mongrel race of potential converts to their side who would be partially glorified and perhaps able to live past one hundred. Imagine if they are right.”

Okay, gross, but at least tactically, they’re testing the waters.

As previously mentioned, if you plan on actually fighting God Almighty, a good way to test whether or not you’ll be successful would be to try to kill or hurt one of the zombie Christians.

But suppose they are right?

They’ve created a zombie-human hybrid. So what? Thus far, the only thing special about the zombies is that they don’t age. They haven’t demonstrated any sort of superpowers.

“They are wrong,” Abdullah said. “Simply wrong.”

“How can you say that?”

“It only stands to reason, friend. Why do you think that among the glorified there is no marrying or giving in marriage? The glorified bodies of women must have no childbearing capabilities, because they are not even interested in reproductive activity.”

Because sex is only something people want to do in the confines of reproduction, right? If you don’t want to have kids, then you have no sex drive, right?

And now we get to our wonderful Evangelical misogyny.  And before we begin, let’s just slap a big ol’ trigger warning here. We’re going to talk about rape or sexual assault and the Evangelical mindset.

“You may be right, and I hope you are, but that didn’t stop a TOLer from attempting to rape a glorified woman this morning.”

“And . . . ?”

“Her story…”

I love those two little words. “Her story.”

Maybe I’m giving the choice of words here too much import, but I don’t think so. The Evangelical church has a lot of issues with sexual assault, how badly they handle it, and how willing they are to excuse it, or victim blame, or dismiss the accusations of women against powerful men. (See Brett Kavanaugh.)

“Her story.”

Even in his fictional world where he’s certain the events took place, he describes her testimony as a “story.”

“Well, sure, she says he tried to rape her, but I think she just has ‘buyer’s remorse.’”

“Bitches by lyin’.”

“It takes two to sin. What did you do to encourage him?”

“You should apologize to his wife for his assault on you.”

“Don’t go to the police. Let’s follow Matthew 18’s guidelines.”

“Did you have two other witnesses? Then we can’t do anything.”

“Her story…”

Story… fictional… lies…

They don’t believe you. The “family of God” that is supposed to protect the vulnerable and the hurting way too often makes things worse.

“Her story is that she fought him off, but he subdued her.”

So her glorified body is just like a regular body, but immortal. No special powers. No super strength. No teleporting like Jesus. Just you. Stuck at age 30 forever.

That’s disappointing.

“However, before he could proceed, he died in her arms.”

It must have been something she said.

When she reported it to authorities, they found his ashes in her bedroom.”

And God who knows all things didn’t kill him before he tried to rape her because…? Seriously, Jesus, where are the pre-crime units?

“He had been struck by lightning, and she was not affected?”

“She may have been immune anyway, because of the nature of her body, but her account is that he merely died. The incineration had to have happened while she was running for help.”

Okay, so you’re a normal person, but stuck at 30, immortal, and you have 100% lightning immunity.

 “We must spread this story far and wide,” Abdullah said. “Does anyone know how old the perpetrator was? The younger the better, for it will convince these people that such acts will cost them even the few years they have.”

Yeah, that should be the end of it. The Other Light now knows that they can’t hurt zombie Christians. That should be the end of the rebellion. If you can’t hurt them, you’re never going to defeat God.

Book over, man. Book over.

“DNA tests identified him as a local eighty-six-year-old.”


Seriously, it doesn’t. Google DNA in ashes.

Also, why do you have DNA tests when God is there and you all have a psychic connection to him?

This book sucks.

We end for today with Abdullah deciding that if he’s going to pass for a teenager and infiltrate the Other Light, he needs to get a good disguise. Which… yeah… that’s not going to work.


I’m afraid you’re going to have to do what losers and creepers do and catfish them online.


2 thoughts on “KC: “Her Story…”

  1. Seed of Bismuth

    can not believe I’m saying this but, if god zapped him before penetration that implies to me that yes god did in fact make her body fertile just without any sex drive. because why stop him if it doesn’t matter?

    I’m going to get soap

    Liked by 1 person


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