KC: Nothing much continues to happen…

Abdullah goes to visit the offices of the Other Light in Jordan and knocks on their front door.

Meanwhile, Chloe it super excited to hear the tales of genocide from Joshua and Caleb.

No one wants to answer the door, but Abdullah talks them into it.

“This is getting old and boring,” Mudawar said. “We have been dragged before the judges before, even threatened to be deported to Israel for an audience with one of the apostles. We pled for the freedom to exercise our own free will and pledged to lie low. Have we not been lying low enough, or have your superiors not kept you up to date on our file?”

“My superior is the Lord Christ Himself.”

If only Jesus could appear himself and have a talk with… sigh…

They go back and forth, but Abdullah talks them into giving him an office and letting him be their resident chaplain.

 “So the big boss has assigned you to torment us, eh?”

“No, actually to love you.”

“To love us. This from the same God who vaporized two earnest, sincere opponents in Egypt, just because they didn’t get in line with all the other sheep who trekked to Jerusalem for the—”

“Osaze, you mean.”

“You call it what you will. It will always be Egypt to me…This is the same God who slew millions, if the stories of the Old Testament can be believed.”

Hey, look at that! A good point. One that won’t be answered.

When I was a young man, younger than you, my problem was that I thought all the dire warnings of God’s judgment were wrong, because all I had heard about Jesus was that He was kind and loving and a pacifist, turning the other cheek, preaching the Golden Rule. Then came the end of His patience and mercy, His people were swept off to heaven, and He spent the next seven years trying to get man’s attention and persuade him that God was not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. And now, here you are, a hundred years later, unable to accept His love.”

God loves you so much, he will beat the shit out of you if you don’t love him back to convince you to love him. It’s for your own good.

Yes, the whole “God is getting your attention” ‘reason’ is nothing more than a justification for abuse.

“Oh, but there is,” Abdullah said. “He is loving and full of grace, but he is also perfect and just.”

How hell is “just” is not explained in this book. It just assumes it is.

And that’s the end of the chapter. For some reason, the Other Light gang have him set up in one of their rooms.


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