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Ant-Man trailer

Here’s a new trailer for Ant-Man that makes the movie look good. Though it does have a bit of an Iron Man vibe to it with the armored corporate villain.

Nerd News Roundup


One of Marvel’s Phase 3 movies, Ant-Man, has had its release date moved from November 6, 2015 up to July 31, 2015, just two months after the Avengers sequel.

If you’re not familiar with Ant-Man, here’s a primer from his Wikipedia article:

Biochemist Henry Pym, discovering an unusual set of subatomic particles he labels “Pym particles”, creates a size-altering formula and tests it on himself. Reduced to the size of an insect, Pym has a dangerous encounter with ants in a nearby anthill. Shortly afterward, he constructs a cybernetic helmet that allows him to communicate with and control ants. Pym designs a costume and reinvents himself as the superhero Ant-Man, and defeats several KGB agents attempting to steal the formula for an anti-radiation gas.

Accidentally involved in a plan by the Asgardian god Loki to draw out his sibling Thor, Ant-Man and the Wasp join the superhero team the Avengers, the Wasp unintentionally thinks up the name of the Avengers, with Pym becoming Giant-Man after the first mission. It is revealed in flashback that Pym adopted the identity of Giant-Man out of feelings of inadequacy when compared to team mates Iron Man and Thor.

You can read the rest there. His backstory is a particularly good example of “Because comics, that’s why!” that you’ll find.

For the record, word count on fictional Dr. Henry Pym’s Wikipedia page: 4,965

Word count for the article on real world physicist Pierre Curie: 1,175


Latino Review reportedly has the list of actors being considered to play Barry Allen (The Flash) down to three which will be screen testing today.

Don’t worry, ladies. They all look appropriately CW, which means they’ll probably be spending more time with their shirts off than they will with their costumes on.


Ian McKellan married Patrick Stewart and his girlfriend Sunny Ozell this past weekend. Which is to say that Ian McKellan officiated the ceremony and not that the three opted for polygamy.  Though, this being the internet, I’m sure there is already fan fic somewhere involving Magneto, Professor X, and Wolverine (or Jean Gray) all getting married. Don’t look for it. Don’t tell me about it. Let’s just quietly move on and not go around seeing anything we can’t unsee.


Rockstar Games continues to promote its upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5, and has posted new content on their visitor’s travelogue about the TV and radio stations you’ll be able to listen to in between bouts of carjacking people, shooting mobsters in the face, and just running around gleefully shooting up their Los Angeles stand-in with a flamethrower or rocket propelled grenade launcher.

Because if there is one thing I want to do when I play a video game it’s put the controller down and watch TV in the video game.

But hell, what do I know, these things have made billions.

Nerd News Roundup

Ender’s Game:

Here’s about 5 seconds of footage from the upcoming film, introduced by two of the stars of the movie. It’s a teaser for a trailer… so yeah… this is apparently now a thing. We have trailers to hype the trailers for the movie.

Excuse me for a moment…


Okay… better. Here’s the trailer’s trailer, people.


They are re-writing the script for Edgar Wright’s movie about Dr. Hank Pym who discovers what he calls Pym particles that can make you really small or really big. Also he invents a helmet that lets him talk to ants.

I’m not sure how useful that would be as the only thing they’d have to talk about would involve food, finding food, eating food, why they have to go and get food and brave poison death spray and heat rays from the two legged giants all day while the queen gets to stay in the anthill feasting and getting fat off of the fruit of their labors and how one day… one day, the workers of the colony will rise up and cast off their chains and there will be a bloody revolution, comrade… yes, there will. Down with Queen Marie Ant-oinette!

I digress. They’re re-writing it to make it fit into the current Marvel cinematic universe, so it’s on track for a 2015 release after the Avengers sequel.

Marvel Universe

The Marvel Universe is getting bigger again.

Previously the rights to the Punisher and Daredevil reverted to Marvel and Disney. Now they’ve gotten Ghost Rider and Blade back.

Seriously, though, I wouldn’t expect to see Tony Stark teaming up with any of these guys. Blade’s a vampire, Punisher is a homicidal maniac, Hawkeye can fill any role that Daredevil could, and Ghost Rider is Nic Cage. And a demon… but mostly Nic Cage.

White House Down

Hey, kids.. have you ever sat in your house watching Die Hard and thought, this is pretty cool and all, but what if this movie were set in the White House, and John McClane’s black partner was the President of the United States who stepped up and started kicking butt, and they bantered like the Lethal Weapon dudes?

Well, the movie gods have heard your prayers. Behold the cinematic glory of the White House Down trailer:


I think based on this trailer alone that this movie is a contender for greatest film ever.

Nerd News Roundup

Pete’s Dragon:

Your unnecessary remake of the day…

Star Trek

Here’s a shot of Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain.



If you’d like to see a cell phone capture of the test footage for an Ant-Man movie, you can do so here.

Science (or SCIENCE! as it were):

NASA has announced that they have fixed the glitches with the Mars rover and it should be back up and running later this week.

A NASA official said Tuesday that engineers had resolved the latest problem with the Curiosity rover on Mars and that the laboratory-on-wheels should resume science operations this week after a three-week delay.

“We’re back on track now,” said Richard Cook, the project manager for Curiosity at the space agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena,

If movies have taught us anything it’s that glitches in space probes are the result of hostile aliens trying to keep us from learning of their existence before the violent and bloody invasion.

So… I guess I’m saying Friday’s forecast has a 50% chance of alien death rays.