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This is simultaneously the greatest and worst idea ever…

The Pyro Fireshooter by magician Adam Wilber is sold by Ellusionist, and is a wrist-mounted launcher with four barrels in which you can load little flashpacks packed with paper and Nitrocellulose, which get shot out and burn up, giving the effect of you throwing a fireball out with a flick of your wrist.

Countdown to the first instance of self-immolation by a drunken frat boy in 5… 4… 3…

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens trailer

Okay, sitting here with my five year old son watching this trailer brought back all sorts of fond and pleasant memories and made me feel like a kid again.

Seriously, please do not screw this up, guys.

Many, many pumpkins were harmed during the making of this movie…

One last Halloween hurrah.